Friday, 29 November 2013

Union Bank of India | INDIA | Debit Card | Fraudulent Transaction amount deducted from my account

I am a bonafide citizen of Maharashtra having an account in Union Bank Of India Kapurbawdi Thane Branch. Account No: 32xxxxxxxxxx190. On 17th on June 2013 there had been five fraudulent transactions from by account using a debit card swipe by some Mr. Vinod Mittal despite of my debit card being with me. The total amounting to around 46,000/- rupees. I have registered a complaint in the Bank about the same and also tried lodging an FIR of the same but could not Lodge the Police denied. Even after so many months I haven't received any refund nor received any reply from the bank. I need to lodge a complaint against the bank for there negligence towards an account holder and need to get the money credited back into my account.

- Mr. Viveksingh Bhadouria

CITIBANK | INDIA | LOAN | Delay In Execution Of Loan On Phone

Mine card no is 552xxxxxxxxxx751 , customer ref 6111312425 dated 17 Oct 2013 , Cheque No 66xxx1 ,

I had requested CITI BANK for LOAN ON PHONE FOR RS 500,0000 in month of October , I was told that I will be getting DD in 4 working days thru BLUE DART , as address mentioned in records was my permanent residence but presently was under renovation , I contacted BLUE DART regarding this, but the same was being sent back with remarks user not staying. Again I called and clarified that still my mother is staying there but in order to avoid any confusion , I had updated my Address on Oct end / Nov. Again I was being promised that DD has been dispatched and was provided a reference no . of BLUE DART COURIER , when I enquired from BLUE DART , I got message the courier returned with remarks user not staying. Inspite of my updating the Address that courier was addressed at older one .
Again I talked to Bank and then I being informed that more time has passed and that DD is no more valid , you apply for fresh , OK again I applied with a request note for BLUE DART to call in order to ensure availability , but received no call again I checked with BLUE DART and instructed to deliver on 23rd NOV in 10 AM to 12 PM . I took leave and waited at home till 1 PM , but no one came then in evening I got this courier delivered .

When I opened , I found DD of 5 Lacs dated 17th October with a validity of 1 month . This is ridiculous I had applied loan for a particular purpose due to not receipt of this < I had to borrow money at higher interest rate . May I request to kindly look into this and compensate and arrange to get me new DD ASAP.

- Deepakl

Thursday, 28 November 2013

State Bank of India | INDIA | ATM | transaction not refunded

Hello sir,

I had tried to withdraw as sum of Rs.1,000/- from ATM of PNB chitaipur, varanasi. The amount has been debited to my account, the transaction did not go through and cash was not delivered even also no transaction slip came out . I gave a written complaint in nearest SBI branch but nothing happened.
Please provide me right direction to get my cash back thank you . Detail is:-
Account In SBI chitaipur branch, branch code – 12196
Name: Jxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Account No : 30xxxxxxx67
ATM card No: 51xxxxxxxxxxxx35
Debited Amount : 1,000/-
Date: 17 July 2013
ATM Machine: PNB varanasi
My Contact mobile no : +91xxxxxxxx38

- Sandeep Kumar Singh

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I made an online payment using my zenith bank atm card today Nov 26, 2013. The first time it said "transaction failed" and the second time it said "transaction successful". I just got two debit alerts via sms for the same amount and the initial one has not been reversed. My zenith account number is xxxxxxxxxxxxx and the transaction id is NGB593405502207. Please help me out.

- Ikechukwu (Lagos, Nigeria)

Friday, 22 November 2013


I have had to endure the WORST service with Capitec Sunnypark shopping centre branch.

There are 10 counters in total and only 2 were operating.

How on earth can you have one consultant and 1 cashier working during lunch hour??.  I don't even know if the guy walking around was the manager or trainee, But no one had the decency to atleast explain why there's a shortage of staff. I ended up abandoning my ticket.

Very Sad

- Shnukums (Pretoria, South Africa)

Standard Bank | SOUTH AFRICA | SERVICE | Pathetic Service

I joined the standard bank ucount rewards in July 2013. The ucount department failed to credit me with all the criteria I qualified for to increase my tier status. I called in yesterday (21 November, 2013) to query this and the fact that to date I have not received my card. The excuse given is that my postal address is invalid. Yet, all my other standard bank statements are successfully delivered to that very same postal address. They are unable to send it to my branch because HQ said they cannot. Then I requested to speak to someone senior and the consultant, Ludwe indicated that his team leader would get back to me before the end of business. Its been over 24hours and no phone call, needless to say, I am extremely disappointed by the service of MY bank. I have been banking with them since 1998. Clearly that means nothing. My reference number is 4155645.

- Aneesa (Pretoria, South Africa)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

ICICI Bank | Corporation Bank | INDIA | ATM | Short dispense of cash through ATM

I got a short dispense of cash while using my ICICI ATM card on Corporation bank ATM machine on 9th Sept, 2013. The ATM machine No. COBN005705 dispensed 5 notes of rupees 100, for the payment of rupees 5000. Meaning I got Rs 500 instead of Rs 5000 (Rs 4500 shortage). I tried to complain but there was no security officer. So I registered complaint with ICICI bank customer care.They assure me that amount will be credited to my account within next seven days. No favorable reply yet from both of the banks instead I get continuous response where both banks transferring there duties to each other

Please refund of my lost money and wastage time and money.

- Umesh (India)

State Bank of India | INDIA | ATM | ATM Card not withdrawing from Current Account

I have both savings and current accounts with State Bank of India, ICD Amingaon, Guwahati. Both accounts are linked to the same debit card. Since the last few months I have not been able to withdraw cash from my Current account via any ATM. When I opt for the Current account for cash withdrawal, cash is dispensed, but the same amount is debited from the Savings account and not the Current account. How can I access the Current account? Please suggest. I have positive amount in both my Current and Savings Accounts. Currently I am a resident of New Delhi. I raised the above complaint on 7th Oct, 2013. The Customer Care number of the mentioned bank as provided on the website is not functional. The issue has not been addressed yet. Kindly Check.

The amount in Current Account is not accessible.

- Anima (Guwahati, India)

PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK | INDIA | ATM | ATM didn’t dispense cash but Account debited

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I am a customer of Punjab National Bank, India. I tried to make a withdrawal of Rs.15,000 from the Shiv thirth nagar Punjab National Bank ATM on dated 11 October 2013. During the process my account was debited Rs 15,000 but ATM didn’t dispense cash and I didn’t receive cash. ATM guard Mishra was witnessing this transaction then I made a complaint with Punjab National bank Customer care on 11 October 2013. On 15 October 2013 I received a message from Punjab National Bank that my complaint regarding non dispensing of cash has been rejected. Therefore I request you to kindly look into the above said matter on urgent basis.

- Abhishek Kumar Gautam (Pune, India)

Lakshmi Vilas Bank | INDIA | ATM | Two debits to my account without receiving any cash

I gave my brother (Sirajudeen) my atm card which he used at your Ramapuram Branch ATM on 16 Aug 2013 to try and withdraw Rs.10,000 and 15,000. The bad experience is he did not receive any money from the ATM (Ramapuram Branch) but my account is showing that Rs.10, 000 and 15,000 have been debited for the transactions. I have complained to the bank's customer care twice and even sent the bank Manager at Lakshmi Vilas Bank a complaint letter on 22.10.2013. But no response till now and the bank Manager says to me I already withdrew the cash in their ATM as per my banking record but I am sure I did not withdraw any cash at the time. Please I ask again to see the video at the time of withdrawal but Manager will not show the video. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

- Madar Maideen (Chennai, India)

GTBank / NIGERIA / Interswitch / Failed Online Transaction and acc debited / RESOLVED

I used my GTBank ATM (mastercard) to pay for an online transaction via interswitch platform on November 18, 2013. The transaction failed but I got an sms and email that my account has been debited. Please GTB reconcile this asap.

- Okechi (Lagos, Nigeria)