Friday, 27 December 2013

ICICI Bank | INDIA | Privilege Banking | Fraudulent transactions

My wife, Shweta Bagchi(nee Ghosh) has salary account with ICICI Bank NOIDA SECTOR 27 Branch since 2006. We live in Bangalore since 2007 December. Her Account number is: 628xxxxxx362. She is a “Privilege Banking” customer as per the bank.

On 17/08/2013 early morning after 5 am, there were more than 25 continuous debit transactions starting from Rupees 1.03. The debited amounts started to increase in certain patterns. Total amount that went out of he account due to those 25-26 transactions was a staggering 99,099.77 Rupees. We found out about the transactions only when we woke up(My wife was ill too). And around 9-9:30 in the morning, we cancelled the card(the debit card is still with my wife) and opened an SR towards our complaint that these were completely fraudulent transactions and we did not do any of these transactions. The ICICI Bank Service Request number is: SR279639697. We were told it will take 45 days for them to complete their investigation. After that in the same day we reported the incident to the nearest ICICI Bank as well(Green Glen Layout, Bellandur) and in few days lodged a complaint with HSR Layout Police station, Bangalore as well. Out of anxiety I even mentioned a wrong amount(lower than actual amount lost) in FIR. After cancellation, over the next few days, some of the transactions got reverted and overall 76738.91 Rupees came back to her account. We want the bank to credit back the remaining 22261.86 Rupees. At the end of September 2013, we received notification by post from the bank (Signed by G Ajay Kumar, Customer Service Executive) that “the investigation has been completed and the dispute has been resolved in the Bank’s favour”. There was no explanation provided, nor did the communication come from any appropriate authority(e.g. fraud investigation team etc). The communication is ridiculous in its conent and shows the calousness of the bank and its inability to protect customer’s hard earned money. We deem the bank responsible for tremendous lack of security measures on its part. How did the bank’s security systems allow over 25 transactions within 15-20 minutes at odd hours(all the merchants’ names were foreign) in the day where transaction values were sucpicious(amounts carried tiny decimal amounts like Rupees 1.03, Rupees 1,611.01, Rupees 3,222.03 and several others)? We have accounts and credit cards with many other banks and whenever there are multiple transactions within a short duration, bank would stop the transactions and customer service would call to verify the genuineness. For future protections(for something basic the bank is supposed to be doing), we had opened a service request with ICICI in this regard as well. Also, my wife has been holding the account since mid 2006 and over the last seven years have conducted many many transactions using the debit card. There has never been such an incident. This goes to prove that we are highly aware of the secure usage of card. Not to mention t

Bank must refund the amount mentioned in the complaint. Bank must say sorry for the harassment and its complete apathy towards customer’s issue. Bank must ensure basic safety measures against fraudulent transactions that are today’s norm.

- kumaresh (India)

Indusind Bank | INDIA | Credit Card | Fraudulent transactions

I own a credit card for IndusInd Bank Numbering 4412xxxxxxxx2009. On 14.12.13 my card has been used 11 times at your site at 11:28 am totaling for Rs.31642.05. I have lodged a complaint with Indusind Bank, with Pay Pal and have also filed an FIR with Police Station. I have requested for blocking the transactions which have been done on my card and reverse the payments and requested for the charge back to my account but getting no reply.

The details are as under:-

Authorisation Code         Amount

1) R46163                       64.47
2) R53141                       3105.99
3) R72172                       3170.70
4) R16193                       3170.70
5) R52144                       3170.70
6) R55164                       3170.70
7) R94174                       3170.70
8) R25175                       3170.70
9) R34175                       3170.70
10) R36185                     3105.99
11) R42185                     3170.70

Thanks & Regards

- Hemant Bhatia (Delhi, India)

AXIS BANK | INDIA | Joint Bank Account | Uncertain bank charges

I and my wife Mrs Priya Reddy having joint saving account with Axis Bank, branch – Latur, Maharashtra. My A/c No. is 9090xxxxxxx0008. Axis bank Latur has deducted amount of 3370.8, when I inquired about this amount they are saying you are not maintaining the required balance in the account. The amount deducted are on the following dates:-
24/09/2012 – 842.7 (Consolidated charges + Service Tax)
29/12/2012 – 842.7 (Consolidated charges + Service Tax)
25/03/2013 – 842.7 (Consolidated charges + Service Tax)
22/06/2013 – 842.7 (Consolidated charges + Service Tax)
But I am maintaining continuously more than 5000/-amount in this account which is told by Bank Manager while opening the account. Now they are saying you have not maintained 10,000/- balance so we have deducted above mentioned charges. But bank has never informed me about change in balance from 5000/- to 10,000/-, through any communication (ie email, post-mail or phone). My wife has given request to them regarding reverting these charges and following them from last 5 months. But they have reverted only half the amount ie 1685.4/- And they are saying the remaining amount 1685.4/- will be reverted in next week from more than 2 month. They are not helping me and not reverting my hard earn many after many requests. Me and my wife are mentally disturbed as my wife frequently calls up to ask about the status from Axis bank Latur, but they don’t pick up the phone many times and are not helping.

Axis Bank has to revert Rs 1685.4/-

- Balaji Vyankatrao Gurde (India)

Thursday, 26 December 2013

GTBank / NIGERIA / SAVINGS ACCOUNT / Unknown Charges & unfriendly services

Bank Account Number:                                              001XXX4994
Transaction Amount:                                                  N51,114.00 total
Date of transaction:                                                    10-DEC-2013
ATM Location or Website transaction occurred:       Yaba, Lagos Branch

Other information on the issue:

Please, I want my savings account refunded of N48,680.00 and N2,434.00 deducted from  my account due to a deposit made to the account on December 10, 2013. I live overseas but had contacted GTB on this issue several times and I now feel ignored as GTB has stopped replying my emails. The charges were said to be CBN policy, which GTB failed to disseminate to me. GTB is so customer unfriendly that even at the counter teller/cashier failed to warn the depositor of the so called CBN policy. Is GTB not supposed to be responsible for sharing important information at all opportunities, and thus protecting its customers interest?

- Peter Olusola

Thursday, 19 December 2013

GTBank / NIGERIA / Internet Banking Payment / Failed airtime Transaction but acc debited

I used my GTBank ATM (mastercard) to pay buy MTN airtime on GTB internet banking via interswitch platform on December 18, 2013. The transaction failed but my account was debited because I got an sms and email that my account has been debited. Please GTB reconcile this asap and I do not know why this is always happening. You need to improve on these online transactions by avoiding failure of transactions or make provisions for instant reversals or reconciliations.


Transfer Ref.A/C to DebitDate InitiatedPaymentTypeUtilityTypeAmountCustomerDetailOtherDetailsTransactionStatusRemarkPaymentReference
101400290283521/23XXXX/1/59/018-Dec-2013 05:31:20MTN Direct Top-up (Prepaid)Top up with any amount500.00Phone Number: 0806XXXX602: FAILED

Standard Chartered Bank | INDIA | Bank Account | Uncertain bank charges

Mobile Number:                                                         98xxxxxx45
The Bank Name:                                                        Standard Chartered
Bank Account Number:                                             XXXXXXXXXXXX6544
Transaction Amount:                                                  2,620.47
Date of transaction:                                                    09/12/2013
ATM Location or Website transaction occurred:       India

I had a Babaj FinServ SC (2037) card, i was issued a new Manhattan card (6455), with all balance transferred from my previous card to the new one.

I got a message on my phone on the 4th of November

Hi, the pymt for stmt 17/10/13 is due on 08/11/13, Total due : INR 24,432.79, Minimum Due : INR 1,221.64,Please ignore if already paid-Team Manhattan.

I paid it on the 5th of November
05/11/2013 05Online Payment INR 24,432.79 CR INR 24,432.79

Then i get a message on the 18th of november

Your Credit Card mini Statement as of 16/11/13 : Statement Outstanding :INR 27,053.26, Minimum Due :INR 4,086.44, Payment Due Date :17/11/13-StanChart.

and I also get a statement

INTEREST 1632.21
SER TAX & CESS 12.36% 288.26


I call your call center to ask what this is about and they said it is the outstanding amount and they transfer the amount i paid on my Manhattan card (ending 6544) to my previous card (ending 2037)

20/11/2013 35TRFD TO 5491245600032037 INR 24,432.79 DR INR 24,432.79

Then on 9th of December Rs. 2,620.47/- is transferred from my current card to my previous card
09/12/2013 TRFD TO 5491245600032037 INR 2,620.47 DR INR 2,620.47

when i called the call centre i'm told that it is the interest and late payment fees of my previous card. I raised an issue through the call centre guys and i get a new statement.

111113   LATE CHG REVSD 350.00CR
161113   INT REVSD 816.00CR
201113   TRFD FROM 45419xxxxxx26544    24,432.79CR
091213   TRFD FROM 45419xxxxxx26544    2,620.47CR
171213   INTEREST 120.86
171213   SER TAX & CESS 12.36% 14.94
NEW BALANCE   1,174.32CR

that says that 1,174.32CR is due on my XXXX.XXXX.XXXX.2037 card, statement date 17 DEC 2013 and due date 8 JAN 2014, the reversed charges have happened in my previous card, i'm not getting it back or deducted on my current card so how am i getting it back

and also i got a message on my mobile

We have evaluated your request for reversal. We regret to inform you that these are valid charges and cannot be reversed- StanChart

I did all the payments correctly why am i being charged at all, i'm ready to pay for if i did a late payment, but where am i wrong here.


Robin Thomas (India)

Monday, 16 December 2013

Absa Bank | SOUTH AFRICA | Bond Account | too much delays

Hi, I am waiting now for 3 months to get a bond approved from Absa, they have send me a bond approval for a building loan on an existing building, now 3 months later we are still waiting for them to amend the building loan to a home loan, please help me.

BOND ACCOUNT NUMBER: 807 800 8454807 800 8454/001 - STRYDOM


- Johan (South Africa)

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Standard Chartered Bank | INDIA | Credit Card | wrong/excess billing

  • Mobile Number: 98xxxxx030
  • Bank Account Number: 55xxxxxxxxxx3993
  • Transaction Amount: 460
  • Date of transaction: 20/11/2013
  • ATM Location or Website transaction occured: bangalore
  • Issue:
    Hi i had a wrong bill issued by Sc bank credit card, and also to mention i had a biller registered in online banking, which was not registered from Jan 2013, and i have raised a complaint regd this (complaint number 20131022324342) and i have been following this issue from Jan 2013, but now i see they have deleted by biller and there is no response from customer care , if asked form reason they have standard answer " we have a dedicated resource investigating, i am getting this response from last 3 months. Please let me know the bank ombudsman contact details or regional customer care head i wold like to discuss this issue of wrong/excess billing and worst customer care response.
    - Goutham (India)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

State Bank of India | INDIA | Debit Card | fraud ATM debit card

I Sri Sukanta Kumar Sethi, S/O – Narasingha Sethi, state that I have a saving bank account of no- 20108xxx852 of Rail Coach Factory branch, Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha of State Bank of India. The account was also my salary account. I have also received an ATM Maestro card from the branch of no. 6220181024000025063. On Dt.01/12/13 at morning around 6.15AM I have withdrawn of Rs.20,000.00 from SBI ATM located at Ekamra Hata, BBSR. I came to know at 9.30AM of Dt.02/12/13 from the message of my registered mobile of no 9437054xx0, that some one has withdrawn Rs.85,000.00 at Maharastra through ATM although my ATM card is available with me. It is also necessary to intimate you that on Dt.02/12/13, when I tried to access my net banking at 04.30PM for the 1st time of the day , it shows due to thee invalid logging it has been locked. I wonder how it happened and how safe is a consumer of esteemed Bank like SBI ? Therefore, I request for conducting an inquiry into the matter and also steps for recovery of my debited money of Rs.85,000.00 as early as possible.

-  Sukanta Kumar (India)

Standard Chartered Bank | INDIA | Cheque | cheque deposit issue

I have been trying to deposit a cheque with the bank for the past three weeks.
Bank: Axis Bank
Cheque number: 149927
Amount: INR 9,290 (nine thousand two hundred ninety rupees)
Date: 31/10/2013

I have been trying to deposit this cheque for the past three weeks but to no avail. At first my repeated requests to place cheque deposit slips at the drop box at my office ATM (sopra india pvt. Ltd. a-57 sector 64 noida) went unheard. I requested customer care to send in an executive to collect my cheque but that was also not catered to. I had also written a complaint mail (please refer to the mail thread below) in this regard. deposit slips were placed in the site ATM on monday (25/11/2013) and I dropped my cheque in the dropbox on the same day itself. When i got no updates on the cheque status even after 4 working days, I peeped into the dropbox and to my shock the cheque was still lying there. This kind of poor service for a small cheque deposit request is not expected from Standard Chartered. Such behavior causes extreme frustration and loss of trust in the provider, more so because at the time of account opening praises are sung about your convenient services wherein customers aren’t required to visit the bank. after several calls to the bank's complaint executive and the vendor, i got a call on 3rd december 2013 at 11 am that my cheque has been collected. in the evening, when i checked the drop box, to my extreme horror the cheque was still lying there. The vendor was lying that he had taken the cheque and when i called them to tell this they started arguing with me saying they have collected the cheque. I had to click a photo of the cheque and the dropbox to make them believe my point. This rendered me unable to use my money for several weeks and a lot of harassment and frustration in following up and running around after the bank for a simple cheque deposit. What a shame!!!

- Jyotsanashukla

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

FCMB / NIGERIA / Flash Me Cash / My money cannot be found

Thanks GBIN for this platform to speak our minds. My own case is that I paid the sum of N20,000 into my Flash me cash account (then FINBANK) in May 2012. Sometime in July 2012 I tried to withdraw the money and there was no money in the account. I was shocked and N20,000 is very material for me to just ignore. Please FCMB what happened?????  My flash me account number is 0803xxxx754.

- Okechi (Lagos, Nigeria)

GTBank / NIGERIA / Quickteller / Failed MTN airtime purchase but acc debited / RESOLVED

I used the GTBank internet banking platform to buy MTN airtime (N400) on December 2, 2013. The transaction failed but I got an sms and email that my account has been debited. Please GTB reconcile this asap. The transaction reference is QuickTeller Payment-101400256778. My GTB account number is 004xxxxx89.

- Ikechukwu (Lagos, Nigeria)