Saturday, 28 June 2014

Did you know??? You can now chat live with GBINetwork Team

You can chat with GBINetwork Team right now on BBM. The live chat gives you the opportunity to report any bank issues or challenges you have, seek advice from the GBINetwork team and discuss any concerns you have.
You can start a chat in two easy steps:
- Using BBM, subscribe to GBIN channel via pin: C004B1941 or scan the barcode below.
- Once you subscribe, you can then start the chat. Very easy!!!

- GBINetwork Team

Thursday, 19 June 2014

SYNDICATE BANK | INDIA | HOME LOAN | excess debit of emi poor service

I have taken home loan from the above branch (A/c No50242010071716) last year they have debited my a/c with extra EMI when i asked they have replied me in obnoxious manner.I have visited so many times to the branch but still they have not yet shorted out my query hence I requested you to look into the matter & instruct the concern bank to solve my query.

I want to reversal the excess amount debited to my account without any reason though I am paying my EMI on time I am not the defaulter of making the payment of instalment therefore I request your good self to look into the matter & help me to credit the same to my account.

- Madhusudan

Monday, 2 June 2014


The Bank Name:                  Zenith Bank Plc

Bank Account Number:       1003xxx145

Transaction Amount:            N3,400

Date of transaction:             17/03/2014

ATM Location or Website transaction occurred:

Other information on the issue:      See the details below:

Hello Upperlink,

I have paid for my domain renewal since March and my domain has not been active and does not open. I just realized that my account was debited for the transactions below:

Zenith Bank Statement
Create Date
Effective DateCheck NoDescription/ Payee/MemoDebit Amount
MC Loc Web Prch-000200891953--NGB146629999090
NGN 1,700.00

MC Loc Web Prch-000200892628--NGB250872308268
NGN 1,700.00

From GNBO report
NGB146629999090 Domain Name Renewal for 1 year ( 1,700 Approved by Financial Institution Paid
NGB250872308268 Domain Name Renewal for 1 year ( 1,700 Approved by Financial Institution Paid

From above, you can see that payment for was debited twice though the website is not up. Please kindly resolve this with Zenith bank to know the valid transaction and reverse the other one. Also note that you should work on ensuring that my domain is working or you would have to refund both payments.