Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Dear Sir/Ma

I enrolled for the BVN on the 11/06/15 and up till now am yet to get the number. I want to know what the problem could be. Am shut out of the banking system and no body seems to know what to do about it. I need help and I need it now.

The branch where I did it said I could have done it twice, but am sure I did it only once and in any case shouldn't there be room for corrections? Was this exercise intended to protect customers from fraud as it is portrayed or to defraud them? This are questions I will like to have answers to.

Here are my details:

Name: Sylvester Nicholas Izuchukwu
DoB: 4th Jan. 19xx
BVN Ticket ID: 36xxx98
Bank: Zenith International Bank Plc.
Date: 11/06/2015

Your help will be highly appreciated

Yours Sincerely

Sylvester Izuchukwu.

Friday, 7 August 2015


Bank Name:                 Ecobank

Bank Account Number:      323xxxx360

Date of transaction:             4 & 5 August 2015

ATM Location or Website transaction occurred:      POS in Ghana

Other information on the issue:    

Good morning,

I have a problem I have been trying to resolve with ECO bank but it has been a deadlock.

I made a payment on the 4th of August 2015 using POS in Accra for 493 cedis at Mr Price Chain. I got an alert that NGN33,204.05 was debited from my account. The equivalent of 493cedis on that day was NGN25,518.60. Meaning I was over charged with NGN7,685.45.
Secondly, I made another payment of 40.00 GHS (cedis) and was ged NGN2,693.92 (naira) over charged with NGN623.45.
Surprisingly, I withdrew 400 cedis the following day, 5th of August 2015 and was charged NGN24,558.95. I guess you can now see the disparity.
All my complaint have falling on deaf ears has the bank insists that it's because the rates are not static. But I keep reminding them that it's not possible for exchange rate to drastically increase or reduce in less than 24hours hours to the point of being charged over seven thousand from what the normal rate is. I have been monitoring the rate and it has not gone past 1GHC = 53.50..

On the day I made the transaction, it was 1GHC = 52.52 Naira.

All effort to make Eco bank to understand this have proved abortive.

Thank you in advance.

- Gaza Gideon