Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Your Full Name                                    Moses-oluwatosin.oluwasegun

Mobile Phone Number                         0703xxxx608

Name of Bank involved                        First bank Epe, Lagos

Your Account Number                         307xxxx876

Transaction Amount                             10,000

Date of Transaction                              2:12:2016

Information about your complaint or inquiry

I moses-oluwatosin.oluwasegun, account no: 307xxxx876, I was trying to send money to someone through my Firstmonie app to another Bank which was a keystone Bank, beneficiary accounts name: Ruth-ingomowei, account no: 600xxxx249 and I mistakenly sent it into a wrong account the same keystone bank, wrong beneficiary account name: ahuchaogu-Emmanuel, account no:600xxxx749, after i mistakenly sent the money into a wrong account the app shows up some wrong references datails and I realised that the account is incorrect, immediately I rushed down to my first bank for complaint and I met one guy at customers service and I explained to him and he respond to me that all I need to do is to write a letter of what really happend and i explained and i gave it to him and he collected the letter from me, and that was on friday 2:12:2016,and he said I should check back on monday which was on the 5:12:2016,since then the guy was telling me no network today no service tomorrow next tomorrow they haven't get anything from the bank. Please I want the bank to help me reversed the money back all because the owners they always request for it. Thanks

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