Tuesday, 27 December 2016


The Bank Name:                 GTBank

Bank Account Number:      023xxxx133

Other information on the issue:


I applied for a Mastercard Dollar card in person at the Aba Road2 (Port-Harcourt) branch of the bank, on 30 November 2016. It was necessary for me to apply in person, because the bank's online portal for application of Dollar cards, wasn't working.

After an insultingly long wait at the customer service desk (over an hour), I was attended to. There were only three customer service representatives present. Literally no seats, despite the very long queue.

I was told to return in eight working days for the card. On 5 December 2016, I received an email to the effect that an account had been opened for me; account number 023xxxx133. I was debited $10 the following day, for the card.

I went into the branch on 13 December 2016, to be told that the card had not arrived! They didn't know when the card would arrive. I had to go on a Twitter rant, before I was told on Tuesday (20 December 2016) that the matter had been escalated and I could collect my card.

I went to the Aba Rd2, Port-Harcourt branch today (23 December 2016) to collect the card. I was asked to call customer service to activate the card. On the phone, I was told that the card would be activated in 15 minutes and I would be able to change my PIN number, which I had not even been given. I made my way upstairs as I was directed and met with someone called Rabi, who proceeded to print off a PIN # for me. Then, she said I had to go to one of the ATMs outside to change the PIN # because there was no POS in the entire bank! This was regardless of the facts that a) there were probably 200 people waiting to use all the ATMs outside; b) I came with my mum, who had to stand because GT Bank thinks so little of its cash-cow customers, that they can't be bothered to provide seats in the bank. I was in the banking hall, when a man cried out that he and his wife had stopped to pick up money on their way to hospital and the wife was almost passing out, before he could be given any money!

I asked to speak with the bank manager; Nkem (the bank manager) was so self-important, that she couldn't be bothered to get up from her seat to speak with me.

When I returned to the customer service phone downstairs, a representative who gave his name as Madu had the temerity to put the phone down on me. Then, a second CSR told me that my card hadn't been activated; bear in mind that I'd been in the bank for about an hour, by this time.

Your CSR had no advice, other than "go to an ATM elsewhere and use it to change your PIN". They had no answer for why a bank branch shouldn't have a POS.

It took the intervention of a security officer, who clearly had more sense and empathy than the branch manager, for me to carry out the change of PIN at an ATM outside the branch. Customers there were disgruntled and suspicious, and rightly so; I'd have done the same, in their shoes.

Your representative on Twitter who has been replying me (@ChiomaNnani) has been shockingly SLOW and I have to say, patronising. You don't get to tell me that you empathise with me, when you're the one causing my aggravation.

Is this GT Bank's policy - to aggravate, demean and embarrass customers? My mother who is in her 60s, had to stand in the bank, which was hot. There were NO seats!

Tell me how you plan to make this right, because at the moment, I am as disgusted with GT bank as can be.

- Chioma Nnani


  1. This has NOT been resolved.
    Why have I received a rude, standard form email saying that the report (which you gave the aforementioned number) has been closed?

  2. Dear Chioma Nnani,

    Thank you for taking the time and efforts to share your concerns with us.

    Kindly be informed that at Guaranty Trust Bank, we strive to provide Superior Service Experiences for every Customer; therefore your feedback is very important to us.

    Please be informed that the issues raised in your e-mail have been noted and will be addressed appropriately.

    Be assured that your feedback will be used as an opportunity for Service Improvement, and we hope you will give us a chance to serve you better in the future.

    We appreciate your patience and continued patronage

    Thank you for choosing Guaranty Trust Bank plc.