Tuesday, 6 December 2016


The Bank Name:                 Skye Bank Plc

Bank Account Number:      302xxxx028

Transaction Amount:          N 70,000

Date of transaction:            1 December 2016

Location of transaction:      Mobile bank transfer

Other information on the issue:

The sum of N 70,000 was paid into my account. Went ahead to withdraw it only to find that it was impossible as it was in ledger balance. I contacted Skye bank customer care immediately and they told me it is frozen and wont be open till I upgrade my account. How can a bank decide to freeze a customers account until upgrade plus without any prior warning? I contacted another customer service agent and he told me he will work on it in a few hours. I waited and got no call or update on the situation. Later on I tried again and either had my call not picked at all or cut in mid conversation. This is a very inconveniencing situation for me. I know your organization to help deal with situations like this. I employ you to please help me swiftly resolve this situation. My alternative phone number is 0818xxxx866.

- Agbapuonwu Anulika

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