Wednesday, 28 December 2016


The Bank Name:                 Zenith Bank

Bank Account Number:      200xxxx188

Other information on the issue:

I was deducted twice for an ATM, it was entirely the bank's fault for they deducted the first one was on 9th of November and after three weeks no card was available for me, the customer service there at Building Onitsha gave me a form to fill and I did and my money again was deducted on the 16th of December and till today no card has been given to me despite the double deduction. I need zenith to return my 1000 and also make my card available. they took the first money and wrote ATM renewal while the second they wrote replacement. I wonder what they are replacing, a card I never collected from them or what? if they misplaced my first card, it's there thing not mine. I don't understand their taking my money and saying replacement, I didn't misplace my card, they did and should bear the consequences.

- Anyachebelu Chidimma Ijeoma

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