So as a Bank or Customer, it is very important to complain because:

1. Complaints identity faulty bank products and services.

The sad fact is that even with the best checks and balances, sometimes faulty bank products make it to the customers. If customers do not make banks aware of the faulty product, they will not be able to fix other potential products that may have the same problem. This is particularly true, as an example, if a bank has a rude employee. Most people would not bother to spend the energy to notify the bank of rude employees and if the bank manager is not aware of it, one employee could potentially be chasing lots of customers away.

2. Complaints challenge the status quo.

Customer complaints challenge the way things are done within a bank. Complaints can help identify ways to take a bank to the next level. They can be a reality check for banks and help them identify ways to grow, develop and improve.

3. Complaints test internal systems and processes.

Successful banks have very structured and fine-tuned complaint management processes. The only way to test those processes is to use them. A complaint and the management oversight of how that complaint is handled is a test to the system. It can test the customer service skills of trained employees and can help identify areas that may be weak for future training.

4. Complaints are friends.

Customer complaints should be viewed as a friend to the bank and an opportunity to improve what they do and how they do it. If complaints are viewed as friends, they will be welcomed with open arms. They will be studied and taken into consideration for future improvements or enhancements to the bank.

5. Complaints provide the opportunity for service recovery.

Complaints offer the opportunity to perform service recovery for the customer. An effective service recovery program can transition a bank customer into a loyal customer who is happier than if they had not had an issue in the first place.

Finally, we all need to shift our thinking about customer complaints. We should embrace them and welcome them as they truly can be a bank’s best friend!

Thank you and start now to submit your complaints: HERE

- GBINetwork Team