What does the name GBINetwork mean?
GBINetwork is derived from Global Banking Issues Network.

What is GBINetwork?
GBINetwork is an organisation created to assist bank customers resolve their complaints and drive customer satisfaction. Our service lets users post a complaint on our website via the complaint form, and our team engages the banks in resolving the customers' complaints. In simple words, GBINetwork is an "Independent Banking Service Consultant".

How GBINetwork helps bank customers.
Many bank account holders sometimes get frustrated due to challenges of long outstanding complaints unresolved by their banks. The days of continuously searching for bank customer care contact information, waiting on hold, and filling out exhaustive online feedback forms are over. GBINetwork's on-demand customer service website allows customers to easily submit an issue about any bank transaction or customer service and get that issue resolved.

How long does it take to submit a complaint or share an issue?
It takes about two (2) minutes to create and publish a bank complaint or issue.

What kinds of bank issues can GBINetwork help resolve?
We have helped to resolve issues around failed or incomplete bank transactions such as: no cash outflow from use of the ATM but customer account is debited; cases of fraudulent use of credit and debit cards; failed POS or online transaction but customer account is debited; General issues about the services you get from your bank etc.

How much does GBINetwork service cost?
GBINetwork is a not-for-profit organisation. Our services are 100% FREE.

How does GBINetwork make money?
Our plan is to roll out our revenue model soonest. Until then, advertisers, donors and our co-founders are funding the network. We're identifying and experimenting with a few different revenue models. Be rest assured none of our proposed revenue models are predicated upon the unauthorized distribution of your personal contact information.

Why should I use GBINetwork versus contacting a bank myself?
Our team of customer service experts help save you time and frustration, bypassing any unproductive customer care representative and taking your issue directly to a supervisor. We review every issue and provide valuable advice on how to effectively get your issue addressed and resolved. As a bank customer, you also avoid the possibility of falling into the hands of scammers who create false bank websites. (For example: Zenith Africa Bank (www.zenithafricahub.com) which is a scam bank claiming to be Zenith Bank Plc.)

What happens if GBINetwork can't help resolve my issue?
Unfortunately, we can't guarantee results, because every bank and every issue is unique. However, in the event we can't help resolve your issue, our team will research and propose an alternative solution to help you get what you want.

How is my personal contact information used?
Your personally identifiable contact information such as your bank account number, email address and phone number (collected while submitting a complaint) are only used by GBINetwork and your Bank. We use your email address to provide you with updates on your complaint. Your phone and bank account number are used only by your bank to investigate the complaint, give you a call and get the issue resolved timely.

I'm a bank, how can GBINetwork help me?
GBINetwork works with the banks to review, respond to, and resolve customer issues thereby promoting the banks’ image and brand. We also provide detailed complaint analysis reports showing the average complaint resolution turnaround time including areas of improvement, etc. The GBINetwork supports all banks in achieving their marketing objectives, i.e. to attract new customers, retain and enhance relationships with existing customers.

How can I contact GBINetwork?
You can contact GBINetwork to share an idea, feedback, or to ask general questions via our website, email, twitter, instagram, etc. Visit the “Contact Us’ section of our website.